5 Do’s for MEDA RaksFit!

Hello Readers!

Interested in Raksfit? Here are 5 do’s for RaksFit to get you started!


1. Do wear fitted but comfortable (i.e. stretch material) clothing. It’s important to see & be aware of your own posture at all times in order to maximize your workout and protect your spine; a fitted exercise outfit will greatly help you in this way. I would recommend yoga or ‘gaucho’ pants and a tank-top for maximum comfort.


2. Do invest in a coined hip scarf. Belly dance is all about isolated movements, and a jiggling hip scarf will help to heighten your body awareness — particularly for those famous shimmies! Your hip scarf doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective. Whether you acquire one through MEDA Studio or elsewhere: a coined hip scarf should be part of your exercise outfit.


3. Do protect your back at all times. Even with amazing undulations, arches, and lifts a trained belly dancer will never relax her abdominal muscles; beautiful movement is all about core strength. To maintain proper posture: 1.) keep your abdominal muscles fired at all times and 2.) curve your pelvic bone slightly forward to protect your spine. It may take some time to train your body to move and stand this way, but your back will thank you for it!


4. Do move with intention. Professional belly dancers make their art look natural, fluid, and carefree because each isolated body movement has become an instinct to them. This will happen for you over time, but it all begins with careful and intentional movement. Above all, you do not want to risk injuring yourself by moving carelessly!


5. Do make a positive body image your long-term goal. Belly dance is for all female body shapes and sizes, and the art was created to enhance feminine beauty. Remember: in belly dance, youth is not glorified; instead, female sensuality is celebrated. With RaksFit you will not only whittle down inches and strengthen your core, but also learn to love your curves — whether generous or gentle — and use them to enhance your feminine beauty. So do take time to reshape your definition of health and beauty!


Redefine health and beauty with RaksFit @ MEDA.

Written by Darlene

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