Samba Bellydance! What??!!

Yes Ladies!

When Modern meets Traditional!

You heard right! Samba Bellydance!! Samba is from Brazil and Bellydance is from Persian, Egypt and Turkey also short for The Middle East! What better way than to infuse these two crazy hip shaking dance styles together? But do you want to know the secret behind all this? Can you keep a secret??

They both come from the legs! The legs are the secret behind the butt shaking! Who knew?? ;)

The reason why we bring this topic to our attention is because Mandy Bakhshy is starting to teach this in our advance class and it has become a great challenge but really attractive and colourful! She learned it from Marcela Valentim from Brazil, a great teacher who has left us! It’s really interesting how the traditional meets modern! It is not an easy fusion to master but “Everything is first difficult before it becomes easy” always remember that!

It is really lovely to share our knowledge of dance together in Malaysia. Learning from each other and growing. We need to in-still this in our community. It really feels like worlds are coming together. Especially in this picture below.


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