What is Khaleegy?

This write up is going to be based on The Middle East Dance Academy Nanccy Bakhshy’s Advance Bellydance Class.


In the months that are ahead of us, Nanccy Bakhshy will be teaching the MEDA Advance Class “Khaleegy” which stems from the Arabian and Persian Gulf Region. The three main parts that the Khaleegy Dance came from is Iran, Dubai and Saudi, there is many different styles from many different parts of the middle east and all of them have different clothing style and names for it. For example the persian style is better known as the “Bandari“.

This is a great link that further explains about Khaleegy. Click Here

Another link that is also helpful in your research. Click Here.


Khaleegy Dance is all about the hair flip, the feet is similar to a “needle machine”, one leg is the needle and the other is a flat foot. Khaleegy is a village or tribe dance style most commonly done in a circle formation as well as on the knees. Usually performed in weddings or party ceremonies in the middle east. Bandari is the persian version of the Khaleegy dance style which involves more hand movements in them, the Bandari Dance came from Bandar Abbas which is located in the south of Iran. The roots are brought about from fishermen in the village areas from the Persian Gulf region.

Here is a great example of the Persian Khaleegy (Bandari) done by a famous Iranian choreographer Mohammad Khordadian.

Persian Khaleegy Video

Here is another video on Khaleegy Dance, as you can see it is better done in a group.

Group Khaleegy Dance Video

In our next post we will visit other dance styles from the Middle East.

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