Inappropriate Dance Portrayal in Bellydance

MEDA Exam 2017

With the growing evolution and popularity of belly dance, most females have begun to join this practice globally. However, regarding to the expressions of belly dance (in the point of showing the part of body).  “Many people naturally perceive belly dance through their own biases”. Indeed, it happens that the view of professionalism may become left behind, and perhaps instead replaced by sexual attractions. Also, the inappropriate or what we call ‘EXTRA’ movements of the belly dancer could play a main role in affecting how people perceive this career. For example, the belly dancer is not performing in bellydance but acting sexual expressions intentionally. Furthermore, among the problems left over by history, females are mostly treated differently.

Sadly, their professions in self-manifestation always been defined to pleasure males. So, let’s start to remove the colored glasses by understanding and respecting what belly dance truly is, an art.

Belly dance is professional and it is a form of art. In similarity to other styles of dancing, belly dance has been researched in benefiting people in both psychologically and physically. Such as, increase in self-esteem and physical fitness training. According to the professionalism of the art, belly dance must follow the DOs and DONTs.

These very guidelines of the DOs and DONTs are also the ethics that are implemented by belly dancers in today’s generation. For instance, “don’t touch yourself when you dance, make sure your costume fits properly, don’t simulate orgasm on stage, maintain personal space and be very careful about touching people.”.

Sexism have been always been present, even in today’s world. It is definitely hard to change and it is deeply rooted with culture, religions and status quo. Nevertheless, by treating belly dance and the belly dancer professionally and respectfully, the perceptions of people will be changed soon through knowledge and awareness. As a belly dancer, to be professional and respectful are the most important foundations to standing stable and going further in this career path.


Written by: Shi Xiaolong

MEDA Team Member 

Editor: Nilu Bakhshy 


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