Bollywood Dance Begins

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance is a high-intensive interval dance regularly performed in Bollywood films. The term “Bollywood” was created by combining two names, Bombay (the city now called Mumbai) and Hollywood. Bollywood rise to fame is on the same wave length as Hollywood’s hence, the reference.

Bollywood dancing can be wholly beneficial for dancers of all ages and genders – It is regularly enjoyed by all. It has cultural influences and fun upbeat music associated with Indian dance techniques with vast improvement in stamina.

Bollywood is widely known globally and celebrated as an art of Indian classical movements fused with western implementations expressing the inner emotions of a dancer. It has universal appeal due to its combination of styles allowing it to be fun and accessible for all levels of ability. Despite the ambiguity surrounding the exact origins and influences of Bollywood dance and also the extremely varied styles throughout the genre, it is still immediately recognisable.

Bollywood dance brings a person happiness by just listening to its musical patterns.  As a human being we all love to dance in order to express our joys and happiness and even at times our sorrows that releases a weight from our shoulders. Allow Bollywood, a dance of unity to in-still this sense of enlightenment into your life.

Bollywood Class Essentials

It’s best to wear something comfortable that allows free movement. Clothing that is too tight, or too short will inhibit your movement, be difficult and uncomfortable to dance in. A dancer can wear bangles while dancing as well as an anklet.


Written by: Nasha Khan

MEDA Team Member

Editor: Nilu Bakhshy


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