Healing Your Life with Bellydance


Expressive Dance Therapy


Belly dance has been used for people to overcome from daily stress and even depressive disorders. Over the years, most people with any form of depression indicate significant improvement from dancing activities. Indeed, this thought of body movement as called “dance therapy” is what therapists promote to the general public in order to improve emotional, cognitive, social, behavioral and physical conditions. Belly dance in particular, allows space for women to use their body in self-defined ways that facilitate creative exploration and build their inner self-image upon the idea of “how the perfect body should be”. Back to the point as addressed, belly dance is the way in which helps people to exercise connections between body and mind.

How Does Dance Connect with Brain?

            According to the research from Harvard University. There are some reigns of brain that contributes to physical movement. Such as, motor cortex (planning, control, and execution of voluntary movement), somatosensory cortex (eye-hand coordination), basal ganglia (smoothly coordinate movement), and cerebellum (planning of fine and complex motor actions).

Free Your Emotion and Your Mind

            “Keeping our feelings hidden” is the common conception surrounding around Asian regions. However, this conception leads to tensions of our body as well as restricts the freedom to express who we are. In this term, when we are “keeping our feelings hidden”, we are in return actually denying our spiritual purpose and unconsciously forcing ourselves “to be accepted” passively. Yet, belly dance is what allows you to enjoy the true you in regards to body expression and self-body joyful involvement.

With practicing belly dance. You are experiencing the mind being free leaded by your body movement. Hence, you will become more aware of the unity of the spirit and body. It can be a creative outlet based on the person’s own judgment, but it also allows women to tune into refreshing, relaxing and exhilarating from the natural movements of the body. So why wait?


Written by: Shi Xiaolong

MEDA Team Member

Editor: Nilu Bakhshy


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