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 4th Nov 2018 (Sun) MEDA Bellydance Examinations 2018   Neo Damansara  Event Link

MEDA Examinations 2018

Past Event Highlights by MEDA

MEDA Annual Hafla (2018)

Master Nicoliana Workshops (2018)

Keti Sharif Eygptian Style Workshop (2017)

Biya Raks Show & Workshops with Poala Blanton (2014)

First MEDA Bellydance Examinations Launch  (2013)

Hollywood Bellydance Hafla (2013) *Awarded Best Event of The Year by SEGI University*

Farida Fahmy Worldwide Film Primiere (2012)

MEDA First Open Day (2012)

Pink Hafla Bellydance Charity Concert (2011)

“Nourooz” Persian Style Bellydance Party (2011)

Academy Opening (2009)



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