MEDA Vision Statement

To be a successful and sustainable dance community of elite dancers, well respected and recognised for their dance excellence and provide a platform for dancers that aspire to pursue a career in the performing arts.


MEDA Goals

  •  To exhibit originality and artistic superiority in the establishment and construction of choreographic, academic, theatrical and musical production.
  • To cultivate long-term, collaborative partnerships with artists from various masteries, arts and presenters throughout the region as well as community organisations or institutions interested in using the academy as a platform to change the community of Middle Eastern dance in Malaysia.
  • To involve and educate the public about the culture and heritage of Middle Eastern dance as well as redefining body image standards.
  • To show an important role in supporting the arts community in the structure of cultural sustainability, preservation and awareness for the art of Middle Eastern dance.


MEDA Company

The Middle East Dance Academy (MEDA) company was established in 2006 and opened its first studio in 2009. The academy holds numerous awards including, the award for being the first Middle Eastern Dance Academy in Malaysia.  The academy was opened to encourage more Malaysians, young and old, to take up dancing as a form of healthy low impact in-door exercise and to popularise and promote Middle Eastern dance.

The Academy has grown tremendously since its inception and is known as an institution that offers comprehensive guidance in all aspects of dance, providing lessons and courses for dance enthusiasts as well as those who desire professional training and performance opportunities. The Academy’s students are certified after completion of each course through yearly examinations. It launched its syllabus and examinations  in the year 2013, making it the first bellydance examination and syllabus production in Malaysia.

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