Founder of MEDA

Nancy Bakhshy – Founder of MEDA

The founder and owner of the Middle East Dance Academy (MEDA) and previous manager of MEDA company, Nancy Bakhshy stepped down from her position in the year 2017. The roles and responsibilities as manager of MEDA company is now inherited by her elder daughter Mandana Bakhshy.

Nancy was the first Middle Eastern Bellydance instructor in Malaysia, having started teaching in 2002. Nancy opened The Middle East Dance Academy in 2009 and was the most highly sought after Middle Eastern Dance Instructor throughout the Malaysian Region and made a huge impact in the Bellydance industry in Malaysia.

Born in Tehran to Turkish parents, Nanccy Bakhshy grew up steeped in the traditions of the Turkish and Persian cultures. At her mother’s dance and aerobics studio, she was schooled in Turkish and Persian dancing styles along with Raqs Sharqi by Egyptian teacher Jamila. Her knowledge and teachings are preserved and passed on to her daughters to pave the way for further generations of bellydance enthusiasts. Her achievements and repertoire are still honoured today.

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